Real Estate, like any other investment, performs better when managed professionally. By  appointing a qualified property manager, you not only save yourself time, but enjoy peace  of mind knowing that your property is in safe hands. Kerri Smith (Principal/Licensee) is  "hands on" with all aspects of the property management with THE RIGHT AGENT. Great  customer service is paramount her our role as your property manager is to maximise the  advantages to you, minimise outgoings and ensure that the property is well cared for and  has the lowest possible vacancy rate.

 Kerri prides herself on the quality her skills at managing properties. She is highly qualified  and receives regular training to ensure that she is kept abreast of industry trends and  legislation. Kerri understands the importance of communication and ensures you are kept  well informed on all aspects of your investment.  

 Kerri feels confident that you will be impressed by the manner in which she deals with her   clients, the strength of her skills and her willingness to provide every possible service at all  times. 

 To arrange an appraisal of your investment property, or for a confidential discussion in  regards to the service, please contact Kerri Smith direct on 0417 682258, visit the contact  page, or email Kerri direct at ksmith@therightagentqld.com.

 All contact is confidential. If you already are managed by another agency and would like to  enquire about transferring the management to Kerri, the process is simple and can be  discussed at any time.